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by Never on Time

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Currently a working title. This album is fluid and will be updated whenever.


released December 22, 2013

Never on Time is:

Tim Ball - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Andrew Kempf - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Chuck Gowdy - Drums



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Never on Time Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Never on Time is

Andrew Kempf :
Vocals, Guitar

Tim Ball:
Vocals, Bass

Charles Gowdy: Drums

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Track Name: Acoustic Demo #1
So won't you please take me home?
I really don't want to go,
Back to my place alone.
I know that you can't say no.

So let's get out of this bar.
The moon sets your eyes aglow.
You locked your keys in the car,
We laugh as we stumble home.
Track Name: Pop Demo #1
Hey, Babe, I'm talking to you.
Don't you know, you can do anything you want to?
Wipe your tears away; hold your head up high.
Together, Baby, we're gonna' touch the sky.

You've been beat down, broken, chained by your fears.
Crying alone in the night - no one hears.
Wishing you could make this all disappear,
But I know you'll get through this.


So break the spell that's holding you,
And light a fire, and burn down
Every lie that you've built, to hide inside.
Take back your life.
As you rebuild, brick by brick,
You'll come alive.
Track Name: Killing a Thought (Instrumental)
It's funny now looking back,
At how hard I tried and lied to you to cover my tracks.
To keep avoiding everything I wanted to say,
Kept my distance, always pushing you further away.
Now you're gone, and I just can't get you off of my mind,
And I hope that things will get better with time,
It's funny, all I did and all I said,
What just a cover to keep me from losing a friend.
What a stupid frame of mind.

I remember every moment that night,
Like a movie, everything slowed down in time.
The way you moved, how your smile lit up the room,
And the way your eyes seemed to pierce right on through me.
And the way your hand fit tightly in mine,
And how easily you downed that bottle of wine,
And when I walked you back, we said our goodbyes,
I turned away without a word and swallowed my pride.

No shame in holding you tight.
There's fire in your eyes, it burns the night away.
This can't be good.
A smile, as fingers entwine,
I'm out of my mind. Lord, help me,
I'm killing one thought at a time.

Today, what seemed a hopeful start,
Lit fire in my heart, it burns and I can't sleep.
This isn't good.
Mistakes that blur love and hate.
They take away your grounded state of mind,
Now I'm just trying to get by.

And it's hard now thinking back,
To our last week because composure is what I lacked.
And every night it's like I just kept hearing your name.
It pierced right through me like a knife, so I numbed the pain,
And I left it up to alcohol to be my crutch,
And I gave into my anger; it was all too much.
Looking back, it's like a dream, like a reverie,
And you'll never know how much that you meant to me.
What a stupid little lie.
Track Name: Too Far Gone
Hope for me is at a loss.
I'm too far gone.
Now all I feel is desperation.

Late one night, my world came crashing
Down on me. How can this be real?
So I'll break myself apart.
My heart's been torn in two.
I'll drink the pain away.

Hope for me is at a loss. I'm too far gone,
Without you here, I'll never be the same.
It's such a shame. You ran away.
Now all I feel is desperation.

Alcohol became my only friend, or enemy,
My only escape from you.
So I'll flush my bank account,
And pass out on the floor.
I'll overdose for you.

Fake a smile, or drown in tears,
You fucked me good; I'm lost.
So take that hick, and go get lost,
'Cause I'm not coming back.
I'm too far gone...

Hope for me is at a loss. I'm too far gone,
Without you here, I'll never be the same.
It's such a shame. You ran away.
Now all I feel is desperation.
Track Name: Memory
No time for hiding now,
I've barely made a sound.
Afraid of what to say.
Betrayed by your mistakes,
But I'm tired of holding on.
I guess I'm just not strong,
Enough to see this through.
I'm letting go of you.

I guess it's come to this,
I wonder if I'll miss,
The things we used to do.
There's so much we've been through,
But I'm tired of holding on.
I've never felt this strong.
I know just what to do.
I'm letting go of you.

You won't be a part of my memories.
You won't be a part of my memories.

I hope that I can learn.
I hope that I can grow,
And move past these fading smiles,
Though it might take a while.
And I hope you can move on,
And you find that you are strong,
Enough to grow up too.
I'm letting go of you.